About Us

Hello. My name is Vicky Bisard ~ Envi Chihuahuas Reg. I am a small hobby breeder & exhibitor who truly loves and adores her Chihuahuas. They give me meaning to each day. I love them & they love me, unconditionally.

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New Puppy Info

Our puppies are fun, loving, curious & social, not afraid. They are raised in our kitchen, under foot & are already starting to “feel their oats” as in a big dog in a small package. They are also offered short play periods outside starting around the age of 8 weeks old. All puppies are around mounds of different types of toys & other safe objects making learning a shear enjoyment. They certainly are accustom to different typical noises such as a dishwasher, vacuum, car, lawn mower & ect. at our home.

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Chihuahua CHIC Certification


AUGUST 12. 2011

CHIC Testing is being offered at very reasonable rates. Please contact me for more information!

We have now finished our quest to get all breeding age Chihuahuas owned by us registered with CHIC. What is CHIC?

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